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Disable Selinux in Centos and RHEL


So, probably, many of you faced with the fact that the installation of any software causes you need to disable selinux on CentOS. In fact, selinux is a very useful, flexible and secure. You should read the documentation and understand it. However, not everyone has enough time to read the selinux documentation. And i would advice you do not turn off it, but i think that you found this article in google only because of one goal: I NEED TURN OFF FUCKING SELINUX!!!
Ok then, i’ll say you how to do it…
So, for that would disable the selinux, you first need to go to the server via ssh (of course, you can go to the server and do all the following steps with the keyboard :))

ssh user@server.com

All described in the following steps must be done as root user. Edit the necessary config:

# nano /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Then find in the string file called “SELINUX =” and replace them with the value to “disable”, instead of “permissive” available there. That’s it, i can congratulate you – we have disabled selinux on CentOS and RedHat.


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